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Life at JPMorgan Chase

Chris's career at JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) had started when he applied for the 2009 Technology Analyst Corporate Development Program in Syracuse, New York after learning from one of his close friends that JPMC was staffing a new team on the Syracuse University campus. After being selected for interviews, he had learned he would be an identity access administrator, processing requests on the Unix platform. 


His first day of employment was on June 1st, 2009 in Syracuse, New York where he would be commuting to the City of Syracuse by car. After arriving, he was greeted by Ryan Colthorp, from Human Resources, and Bob Malvin, his manager, upon walking up the steps to the newly renovated Lyman Hall on the Syracuse University campus. 

Corporate training was held by various employees of JPMC where he and his fellow co-workers learned how to get acquainted and settled in. Platform-specific training was set up and completed in the subsequent weeks by Dave Williams for the remainder of the Unix team, including Chris and seven others. 


In 2017, the normal life of going to work at JPMC started to "change" a bit. Chris's management team was starting to shuffle around. Chris had noticed new members being aligned to his team and new senior management being aligned. His current manager at the time, Frank Lacatena, was also a bit confused on the management team's direction in terms of "what are we exactly going to be doing?" Chris had asked. During this time, the team that Frank and Chris were on was renamed to "Tools Transition Support" in which it was sought after that we would be the middle-man team translating business requirements into technical requirements. 

To be continued...

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